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Hack The Commute

The congested freeway commute was not written into the original manifesto of the American Dream. The idea that any of us are truly unique disappears quickly when you are part of the same herd every morning heading in the same direction to a job where you or may or acknowledged as an individual.

This proposal calls upon the words and images of --- to wake up America out of its funk.

This a proposal to accrue access to three billboards along the highway routes of major metropolitan areas. This project will begin in New York City with intentions to be part of a wider national series.

This echoes the work of Boston based artist Brian Kane who occupied the space of two billboards along routes 93 and 95 in Massachusetts. On these billboards, Kane gave drivers a break from the bombardment of ads that normally fill their travels and instead blending the boards to fit in perfectly with their natural surroundings. Instead of seeing a billboard, it copied the flow of the treetops, night sky and mountain lines behind it. Kane successfully created a seamless and peaceful connection between industrial America and the actual space we occupy.

The billboards created in Hack The Commute will also provide a break in the medias barrage of our everyday lives. The images will range from humorous to peaceful, to maybe even jarring.

This concept pays homage to the work of contemporary artists Ed Rushca and Jenny Holzer. Both create create pieces that utilize the power of language.

This is different from regular advertising, which although creative, is often aimed to fill our heads with social concepts and created that can influence a large population despite being chosen by a very selective few.

It is a reclaiming of corporate space.

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