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My projects are connected through a theme of access. It is crucial that the contemporary art community focuses on breaking down barriers and restructuring the framework that the larger public places art within. We cannot continue to expand and educate if we speak only to ourselves and those who already understand.


This is why I work with artists who are committed to addressing new audiences for their work through strong messages of empowerment. The exhibitions I produce are not about excluding anyone who does not understand, but are instead about developing conversations around social limitations and involving anyone who wishes to explore those through art.


As an art curator, my eyes are always open to where we see art and how location affects the way that we see it. I am also interested in bringing together different groups of people in order to the explore contrasting dynamics of the shared human experience. This intersection often results in throught-provoking exhibitions which change how people view the way art contextualizes their understanding of the world.


Curation opens doors for the public to experience important cultural connections. I am committed to finding ways to engage viewers with the minds of artists as a method to broaden our viewpoints. It is through collaboration and ingenuity that I am able to make an artists’ vision a reality.

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